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For the ten years past, Unibank has been amongst the leaders and the main participants of the securities market of Azerbaijan. The innovative influences of the Bank remain to be sensed in many segments of the market now, too. For instance, Unibank was the first bank in Azerbaijan to place an issue of corporate bonds and the first bank to attract overseas hedged funds for investment in the state and corporate securities in the local market in 2003. Unibank has always pursued the strategic line aimed at development of the securities market and has been conducting its operations only at the Baku Stock Exchange for the purpose.

To provide the customers with a broader range of investment services, the bank decided in 2007 to establish a specialised affiliated company that was eventually called Unicapital Open Joint-Stock Company. All the brokerage and dealing services have been provided under the care of Unicapital since the beginning of 2008; Unicapital adheres to the tradition of high professionalism in serving customers that Unibank had established. Unicapital became one of the founders of the Baku Stock Exchange in January 2008.

Unicapital offers its customers the following services:

а) Brokerage – purchase and sales of state and corporate securities at exchange spots or, if necessary, outside them.  The company also provides consultancy to help customers make right investment decisions.

b) Underwriting  - the company provides assistance in the issues of securities by the retail and corporate customers, including joint-stock company shares, corporate bonds, promissory notes and other securities. Efforts paid by the company  to find potential investors to help our customers achieve the full placement of the securities that they issue.

We would also be delighted to provide you with the following securities-market services:

  • Execution of your instructions to invest temporarily vacant moneys in the financial instruments that have the potential to grow in value
  • Arranging your access to the stock market, thus ridding you of the otherwise necessary moves to obtain a professional license   to deal in securities
  • Withdrawal or supplementation of moneys when securities are bought or sold, at your best convenient time
  • Provision of the customers with the detailed broker’s reports about execution of instructions, as well as with depo account statements
  • Consultancy covering various aspects of operations in the stock market
  • Consultancy covering IPO of corporate securities
  • Assistance in the inclusion of corporate securities in the quotation lists of the Baku Stock Exchange (BSE)
  • We will conduct for you all the operations with securities through the Baku Stock Exchange, of which our company is a shareholder and a participant

Address: Baku, Nasimi district, Dilara Aliyeva str. , 243


For additional information, please call 117

Contact information
Azerbaijan Republic, 
Baku, AZ1014,
Rashid Behbudov str., 55
Phone: (99412) 498 22 44
Fax: (99412) 498 09 53
Telex: 142460 UNIBK AI
E-mail: [email protected]
INN 1300017201

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