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The branches and ATM
in other cities
Baku city, R. Behbudov 55 (Uniplaza I) Head office
Baku city, R. Behbudov 55 (Uniplaza II) Head office
Baku city, 2 B.Baghirova street(Yasamal Branch)
Nizami 42 (Nərgiz Mall)
Baku city, 116 Azadliq avenue (Drugstore in crossing with Hasan Aliyev street)
Baku city, Mardakan settlement, 80 S.Yesenin (on the way to sea)
Baku city, Bakıkhanov settlement, Sulh str. 14/2 (19 Branch)
Baku city, Rasulzade settlement, 157 Azadliq avenue (Trade center)
Baku city, A. Maharramov. 22A (Acemi branch, near Neptun supermarket)
Baku city, Tabreez street 94 (Narimanov branch)
Baku city, S.Vurgun str., 19 (Citimart -2 )
Baku city, 39 Khatai avenue (AYF hotel)
Baku city, M.Khadi 33 (10 Branch)
Baku city, Tabriz 95 (Nerimanov subway exit)
Baku city, 10 Bulbul avenue (Sahil Branch)
Bakı city, 40 C.Cabbarli street (Caspian Business Centre)
Bakı city, Sharifzade street 171, Inshaatchilar metro station (13 branch)
Bakı city, Nizami 66 (İmair tourism agency)
Bakı city, 5 mkr, 20 January street. 4/66 (Exchange)
Bakı city, D.Aliyeva street 243 (STB branch)
Bakı city., Ataturk avenue 41 (near to Colins shop)
Bakı city, Icheri Sheher (Old City) metro station
Baku city, (Park Bulvar) shopping center
Baku city, A.Rajably str. 1
Baki city, M. Hadi 2944 (Soliton market)
Baki city, 42A Azerbaijan avenue (Chess сlub)
Baku city, 28 Mall Shopping centre ( Azadlig avenue)
Baku city, Fizuli str., 15 (“besh mertebe”)
Bakı city, G.Garayev street 66 (branch)
Baku city, Khaqverdiyev str., 574 ( “Favorit” M/T- Yasamal)
Baku city, S.Vurgun str., 79 (“Beegroos” M/T)
Baku city, Mir Jalal str., 3169 (9th microdistrict, “Favorit” M/T)
Baku city, Tabriz str., 44 ( Metropark)
Baku city, Afyaddin Jalilov str. 5 (apothecary – 2 Gagarin)
Baku city, Tbilisi avenue, Alatava str., 2 ( Araz M/T)
Baku city, Old Guneshli, Ingilab Ismayilov str., 5/C ( “Bizim Market”)
Baku city, G.Garayev str., 34 ( “Araz – 2” M/T)
Baku city, Neftchilar avenue 151 ( Port-Baku)
Baku city, Mashtaga settlement, H. Heybatov str., 2 ( “Real” M/T)
Baku city, Buzovna settlement, H. Eyvazov str. 1 ( “Rahat” M/T)
Baku city, Sahil settlement, M. Saidov str., (“Оptimal” M/T)
Baku city, Masazir settlement, Istiglaliyyat str., 7 ( “Gurtulush” – 93)
Bakı city, Khojali ave. 44
Baku city, Mardakan settlement, S.Yesenin str. 100
Baku city, H. Javid ave. 20
Baku city, Bibiheybat road 2
Baku city, Azadlıq ave. 23
Baku city, Tbilisi ave. 22
Baku city, 116 Azadliq avenue (Lukoil, crossing with J. Khandan street)
Bakı city, F.Kh.Khoyski str. 830-835
Baku city, Atatürk 2/A ave.
Baku city, Asad Ahmadov str. 19
Baku city, Patamdar ave. 112/A
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