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Bank history
Unibank was established on 15 October 2002 as a result of the merger of the two advanced private commercial banks of Azerbaijan - MBANK (1992) and PROMTEXBANK (1994).

  • Unibank won the Fastest Growing MasterCard Maestro Card Base in Azerbaijan nomination for 2011. The Association of Micro-Finance of Azerbaijan (AMFA) pronounced Unibank the best in the micro-business support in the country for 2011.
  • The Head office of the Bank moved to «Uniplaza». The branch of the Bank in Lenkoran was opened. The new software application UCAS-Unibank Credit Analytical Credit System owned by the Bank was put to use. The charter capital of the Bank was increased to AZN 44,919,000 through the additional share issue as well as by raising the par value per share. The Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic awarded to Unibank CB OJSC the licence covering broader banking areas.
  • "Unicapital" JSC became the leader of the brokerage operations in Azerbaijan. Unibank opened the Branch in Minghechavir. The design of Uniplaza, the new headquater of Unibank, was recognized as the best development project. Unibank started to work with «Zolotaya Korona» system of money transfers.
  • The international rating agency Fitch Ratings affirmed the “stable” outlook on the existing rating of Unibank. The respected financial journal "The Banker" announced Unibank "The Bank of the Year 2008 in Azerbaijan." A new investment services company "Unicapital" OJSC was founded. Unibank became the first bank in Azerbaijan to obtain the e-Commerce Licence from Visa International. Unibank became a MasterCard acquirer and began to issue the Visa International smart cards. Unibank and the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTD) signed the $5-mln credit line agreement for 5 years for the finance of the SME projects in Azerbaijan. Unibank borrowed a syndicated loan from Deutsche Bank AG London. Unibank signed the $15 mln credit line agreement with FMO for financing of mortgage projects. Unibank launched a new lottery for its depositors, called the Diamond Deposit. Every winner received 3 diamonds as the prize. Unibank established the Special Fund for the winners of the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. 9 new branches were opened in different regions.
  • Unibank was awarded its first international rating. Moody’s Investor Service gave the Bank the B2 rating with the "positive" outlook. The Euromoney Magazine declared Unibank "the Best Bank in Azerbaijan – 2007" Unibank presented the Custom-Tailored Design Cards, a unique product for the Azerbaijani market. Unibank successfully attracted additional resources by launching the first private syndicated loan facility in Azerbaijan. It was arranged by VTB Europe. The total sum attracted by this loan is 30 mln USD. Unibank increased its charter capital by 2.27 times – from AZN 6.6 mn to AZN 15 mn. Unibank signed its second subordinated loan agreement for the total amount of $6.9 mn from Deutsche Bank AG for 7 years. Unibank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed the third A/B Loan agreement for $35 mln assigned from EBRD and 15 other banks.
  • Unibank became the first borrower of a subordinated loan in the history of the Azerbaijani banking industry. The subordinated loan agreement between Unibank and FMO was signed for $5 mln being awarded for 7 years. Unibank registered its first mortgage paper with the SSC and issued its first mortgage loan. Unibank joined the first "Bank-to-Bank" REPO transaction in Azerbaijan. Unibank opened two new branches - "Neftchilyar" and "Sumqayit." Unibank's new brand, AL Kard, was presented. Unibank and EBRD signed another (second) syndicated loan agreement in the amount of $ 7.5 mln. IFC issued for Unibank a termless revolving credit line in the amount of $1.5 mln. Unibank began the offering of the registered bonds in the total amount of $ 5 mln.
  • Unibank and DEG signed the agreement and DEG became an 8.33% shareholder of the Bank. According to this agreement DEG also provided Unibank a loan facility in the amount of $ 3 mln to underpin positions of Unibank in the field of SME lending. “Euromoney” declared Unibank “The Best Bank in Azerbaijan in 2005.” “The Banker” declared Unibank “The Bank of the Year 2005.” According to “The Banker,” Unibank is the only Azerbaijani bank that joined the top 10 banks in the list of the 50 fastest-growing banks of the CIS and Eastern Europe. Unibank opened its 3-rd branch – “Yasamal” branch. Unibank and BSTDB signed the agreement for a termless revolving credit line in the amount of $ 3 mln to finance export and import operations. Unibank and EBRD signed a loan agreement for a $2 mln credit line intended for microfinance lending. Unibank and EBRD signed a credit agreement for a $5 mln credit line intended for parity lending (co-financing) operations. Unibank and IFC signed an agreement for a $5 mln credit line that is extended to 5 years with the purpose of lending to leasing projects.
  • Within the framework of the TACIS program "Development of stock market in Azerbaijan" the Bank placed the pilot (first) issue of the bonds amounting to AzM 5 bln at Baku Stock Exchange. A credit line in the amount of $ 1.5 mln was issued by Societe Generale to finance import and export operations. EBRD awarded Unibank as "the most actively developing Bank within the framework of the program of trade financing of the EBRD in Azerbaijan in 2003". Unileasing leasing company, subsidiary of the bank, was established. Within the framework of project "Institutional Strengthening of Unibank" 3-power agreement signed between the EBRD, Lloyds TSB Bank and Unibank. Unibank and the German-Azeri Fund for small and medium enterprises signed an agreement on increasing the Fund"s credit line extended to the Bank by 500 thousand euros. Consequently, the total size of the credit line equals EUR 2 mln. Unibank and the Islamic Corporation for Development signed an agreement for granting Unibank a credit line amounting to $1.7 million for lending to the small and medium-size businesses.
  • As a result of successful negotiations between the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Unibank EBRD became a shareholder of Unibank acquiring 20% of the equity of the Bank. The State Presidential Securities Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic gave the Bank license for dealing operations for 5 years. The British consultancy company “Glendale Consultancy Limited” presented the development business plan for Unibank for the period from 2003 to 2007. The agreement with the EBRD increase the amount of credit line for SME lending from $ 1.5 mln to $3 mln at the expense of the EBRD-managed Special Intermediary Investment Fund of Taipei (China). Unibank began to issue the local plastic cards. Bank joined VISA International payment system as an associated member.
  • The merger of the two commercial banks "MBANK" and "PROMTEKHBANK" took place. A new branch was opened in Baku – “STB” branch. The Bank joined the EBRD “SME Financing Program” and was given a credit line in the amount of $ 1.5 mln for 5 years. The Bank joined the EBRD “Trade Financing Program” and was given a credit line in the amount of $ 1 mln for 5 years. The Bank obtains the license from the State Presidential Securities Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic permitting it to begin brokerage services. The Bank was renamed as the Open Joint-Stock Company "The Commercial Bank Unibank."
  • The Bank became a participant of the National Real-Time Payment System AZIPS. The Bank installed its own Telephone-Bank electronic system. The Bank obtained the status of the agent bank to the Small and Medium Business Crediting Program of the German-Azeri Fund (the GAF) established on the resources of the German reconstruction bank KfW. The Bank was among the first local banking institutions to join this program.
  • The Bank became a participant of the S.W.I.F.T. international system of electronic payments. The Bank joined the Western Union international electronic system of money transfers.
  • The Bank established the "Bank-Client" electronic system.
  • The Bank became the dealer of the National Bank of Azerbaijan in operations with T-bills.
  • The Bank opened the "Gyanja" Branch in the town of Gyanja with the permission of the National Bank of Azerbaijan. The Bank joined the Baku Inter-Bank Currency Exchange.
  • The statutory meeting of shareholders was held on 27 May 1992 and the Commercial Bank "MBANK" was established. The Commercial Bank "MBANK" was transformed into an Open Joint-Stock Company following the decision of its founders on 27 July 1992. The National Bank of Azerbaijan provided the Bank with the banking license on 27 July 1992
Contact information
Azerbaijan Republic, 
Baku, AZ1014,
Rashid Behbudov str., 55
Phone: (99412) 498 22 44
Fax: (99412) 498 09 53
Telex: 142460 UNIBK AI
INN 1300017201

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