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Payroll projects
The business grows and so does your staff taking you longer and longer to pay the salaries? Let us take care of this in your stead. Every employee of your Company will be given a VISA International or a MasterCard card – depends on your choice.

Advantages of Payroll Project:

  • The automatic allocation and disbursal of salaries to company staff via plastic cards of the payment system result in your Company’s lower costs on getting, delivering, storing and distributing the cash. 
  • Helps you ensure safety of your payroll and escape the risks that are involved in transportation of large amounts of cash.

  • To maximize the comfort of our cooperation we can consider installing an ATM of ours on your premises, so that your employees do not have to go far.
  • Ensures the complete confidentiality of your Company employees’ salaries, simply because only the authorized specialists in your staff will have the information. 
  • Overdraft lending (given your Company’s guarantees, we can always give credits to your employees to the limits according to their individual salary sizes).
  • We can also consider giving your employees consumer loans. Loans are provided under the following rules: 

                Loans to the company staff members under the company guarantees
                Loans to the company staff members to buy consumer goods with discounts


Payroll Project allows you: 

  • Minimize administration costs
  • Simplify calculation and disbursement of the salaries thanks to the involvement of fewer specialist employees, and minimize the costs of employing accountants and tellers
  • Have in use an economically efficient salary and bonus mechanism independent on frequency and size of payments
  • Centralize payroll calculations and get rid of the need to call in the salary funds
  • Save on effort and time
  • Simplify salary payments to your employees working in shifts or by schedule, or when they are on business trips, or when they are on leave
  • Cut the cash collection costs because you will not need collection, transportation, re-calculation and storage of large amounts of cash; hence, you will not need appropriate desk equipment
  • Simplify your accountancy/cash-office procedures (cash budgeting is made easier, cash discipline and limits are ensured, accountancy and cash-office paperwork is reduced because the money will be transferred to your employees’ personal accounts in a wholly automatic manner).
  • Ensure prompt payments (we transfer money to your Company employees’ card accounts to a day once we have received all the necessary documents)
  • You will no longer need to worry about deposition of unclaimed money


For Payroll Project you need to:  

  • Make a card-based payroll contract with us
  • In the event that our ATM is installed on your premises, also accommodate the terms and conditions of the ATM service
  • Install the Bank-Client software application on your side (the software is provided by Unibank)
  • Agree with us on document flow as well as what types of plastic cards you want for your employees and what the issue conditions will be like.  

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