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Is it that you need the services of Unibank urgently but have no time to get an employment reference? Don’t worry now, because from now on you can approach one of the branches of Unibank for a loan without an employment reference. Under the agreement between the Bank and the information computation centre of the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies, Unibank has started the co-operation with the e-Government Portal and so people can use e-references in order to borrow loans from us.

What opportunities can you use?

- To get a loan, you can submit the reference to Unibank on having registered at

- Once you are registered with the branches of Unibank, you obtain the opportunity to borrow a loan on the spot.

-  If you are registered and have the code password, your loan application will be considered without you having to lose time at the branches.

You can use the e-signature certificate, the ASAN signature or code passwords to enter the e-portal.

How does one get a code password?

- Get registered at the governmental portal (

- At any post office in the capital city as well as in the provincial hub towns

- At the branches of Unibank

It is very easy to get a loan on an e-reference. The clients only need to enter the governmental portal at and fill in the application and submit it to the Bank using the ‘E-reference on the personal information about the citizen’ service option.

The Information Computation Centre will have the registration centres in action at the branches of Unibank to issue the code passwords needed to enter the e-portal. Also, the clients applying for loans can collect the envelopes with the code passwords at the branches of the Bank on producing their passports. The e-Government will be signing the outgoing e-references in the online mode.

The Bank, in turn, will respond to the client’s loan application on processing the client information at the e-Government portal.

This project will have the initial run at the Head Office only but the lending on the e-references will be made available at all the branches of Unibank before long.

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