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The international system of express money orders (without account opening) PrivatMoney was established in 2001 and currently unites approximately 5,000 outlets around Ukraine as well as in the largest cities of Russia, Italy, the UK, Cyprus, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kirghizstan, Tajikistan and Moldova.
 PrivatMoney offers:

  • Money transfers in the most widespread currencies (USD, EUR, RUR);
  • Swiftness of transfers whereby recipients can draw money as soon as the express order has been assigned the check number;
  • The comfortable tariffs (from 3% of the amount transferred on outgoing orders);
  • Protection and identification of money transfers using the individual check number (code).  

  • The sender does not need to know the recipient’s exact address or account number. All it takes to send money is to fill in the form, produce the ID of the sender and enter the money in the cash office; then, the clerk will give you the code of the order that you will pass to the recipient.
  • To collect money, the recipient needs to know the full name of the sender as well as the amount and the originating country. To receive the money order, the customer needs to fill in the form* and produce their ID. It is not necessary for the recipient to know the transfer code but knowing the code greatly simplifies the search for the order in the system.
  • In addition, PrivatMoney is the only payment system in CIS with the free-of-charge SMS notification service (up to 10 words) for senders and recipients. The recipient is sent an SMS informing them of the inbound money, while the sender is sent an SMS confirming receipt of the money.

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