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  • The anonymous debit card ALBUKART that Bakcell and Unibank are presenting together is the first card of its unique kind in the market in that it combines the advantages of benefiting from financial services without one having to open a banking account;
  • The ALBUKART debit card can be purchased anonymously without its future owner having to produce their ID;
  • The ALBUKART is available from the Bakcell (Bakcellim) Service Centres and the branches of Unibank without any identification document required;
  • Thanks to ALBUKART you can enjoy bonus phone-call minutes, the Ulduzum discounts and the cashback and Mobile Banking Unibank services;
  • All you have to do is show your Bakcell number as you get your card and then make settlements non-cash using your ALBUKART;
  • The maximum anonymous card turnovers are AZN 50 per transaction and AZN 1,000 per annum;

·       If you wish to make the most of all the advantages the card can bring you then you can produce your ID when getting your card or afterwards so it is registered in your name at the branches of the Bank. There are no limits for the nominal cards;

The ALBUKART Advantages:
  • The welcoming bonus: Bakcell will put 10 bonus minutes for intra-network calls on your phone number balance after the first ALBUKART settlement transaction you make.
  • The spending bonus: you can earn 10 bonus minutes in the Bakcell network for every AZN 5 spent off your ALBUKART. This bonus is earnable four times a month;
  • The Cashback Earning Opportunity: you can get up to 20% cashback for non-cash settlements made using your card.
  • The Ulduzum Discounts: the Ulduzum discounts apply automatically when you make ALBUKART settlements within the Ulduzum partner network.
  • The free Mobile Banking and SMS Banking services: it is possible to generate automatic card payment templates using the Mobile Banking app of Unibank;
  • The comfortable and easy-made card capitalisation: funds can be capitalised on your ALBUKARTat the Unibank and eManat cash-in terminals and at 
  • The Premium Card Discounts from Unibank at the cash-in terminals:
  • The VISA and MasterCard debit cards with a 50% discount;
  • The one-year Gold cards with a 70% discount;


*The Ulduzum bonuses (free phone-call minutes) and discounts are only available to the Bakcell subscribers.

Tariffs and Conditions

The First Annual Service Fee

10 AZN 
The Card Term
3 years

The Card Usage Commission Fees


Cash withdrawal from Unibank ATMs   


Cash withdrawal from the MilliKart ATMs


Cash withdrawal from non-MilliKart ATMs

Card to Card
1% (min AZN 0.25)
1% (min AZN 1)
Online betting
4% (min AZN 1)
The currency conversion fee

As per the tariffs of the Bank



**The service fee shall be charged to the balance on completion of each year since receipt of the card in subsequent years.


·       Anyone can buy several ALBUKARTs. Any one ALBUKART may only be connected to one mobile phone number;

·       The money on an anonymous card (one with an unidentified user) shall belong to the card owner;

·       The money on a card with an identified user shall belong to the person whose ownership of the card is confirmed with a valid ID;

·       The preservation of a card is the card owner’s personal responsibility. Unibank and Bakcell shall not be responsible and liable for the loss of a card by a client or any damage to a card in any manner whatsoever;

·       Should the envelope containing a purchased card be damaged or should there be an opened seal, neither Unibank nor Bakcell shall be responsible for the card balance and transactions with such a card in any manner whatsoever. We insistently recommend that you should never accept cards in damaged envelopes or with opened seals.

For further details please call the Unibank Customer Care Unit at 117.


Card types
    Albalı Plus Debet
    Albalı Gift
    MasterCard Standard
    Visa Classic
    MasterCard Gold
    Visa Gold
    MasterCard Platinum
    Visa Platinum
    Virtual Card
    VISA Infinite
    Priority Pass
Card advantages
    Visa Direct & Moneysend
    Cash by code
    PİN Change
    Benefits of the Card
    A new card PIN code
Help and recommendations
    The security alphabet
    You need to know
    3D Enrollment
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