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On the turnover of acquiring

The Overdraft Loyalty Project is a loan product designed to finance current assets (payments) of corporate clients in a short period of time.

Overdraft is very convenient for prompt provision of short-term customer requirements, allowing customers to use additional financial resources to timely fulfill their obligations to their business partners.

Allows the client to perform operations with the current account, exceeding the balances on current accounts. Unibank offers its customers an overdraft limit without collateral in a short period of time.


Who can use this product:

— Partners with Unibank for more than 12 months.

— Clients who have made turnover on their accounts for the last 6 months.

— Clients whose monthly turnover exceeds 5 000 AZN.



— The amount is issued from 5 000  AZN to 100 000 AZN.

— The overdraft limit will be accrued on the basis of the current account turnover in Unibank.

— Term of use of the limit: 2 (two) months.

— The first 7 days without interest, the annual interest rate is 16%.

Get business loans from Unibank via İnternet-Banking with just one touch, without collateral and online within 15 minutes!