Internet banking Login 117 Service network


Put the sample of your signature on the reverse of the card immediately after you receive it;

Do not give your PIN code to a third party;

Never write your PIN code down on your card and do not keep your PIN code together with your card;

Never give your plastic card to a third party. If necessary, you can get an additional card to let your relatives and/or friends use the money in your account;

If the card is lost, it must be blocked immediately. To do this, call MilliKart at +994 12 598 10 02 and give your last card’s number as well as the code word;

Check cash flow on your card account at least once a week. Special attention should be paid to the account transactions following the trips on which you have been using your card;

We recommend you should use the Internet Banking service for the constant control of transactions on your account and to get SMS updates regarding this. If you are abroad and not connected to the roaming facility, give the telephone numbers of your associates for the card account transaction control;

If you have a magnetic strip card, apply to the Bank for its replacement with a smart card.

Choose the daily plastic card operation limit in acordance with the recomendations of the Bank. If there is a need to change a limit or limits, contact the Bank at least 1 business day in advance of the desired limit change time.